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To help develop marine businesses within Wales and to provide an additional and useful resource for past and present students of Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences, the School of Ocean Sciences Association (SOSA) has set up networks with links to experts who can provide technical advice and information on career development and training. Please contact the mentor below with any questions you may have.

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Liz Morris – Marine Ecologist & Scientific Diver


Liz has been working as a field marine ecologist for six years, and a diver for 12, primarily in the UK, the Philippines and the Red Sea.  Liz is a graduate from the Marine Biology BSc and Marine Environmental Protection (MEP) MSc, both from Bangor University.  Her experiences range from marine education to field science, in-situ epibenthic identification of marine flora and fauna, logistical support and business management.

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Since the start of Marine Ecological Solutions Liz has been based in North Wales and had varied and interesting projects pass over her desk. Summers are typically filled with field work, whilst the winters are spent on shore based surveys, writing up reports and providing marine policy support.  Liz is also the North Wales Seasearch co-ordinator (www.seasearch.org.uk), encouraging recreational divers to ‘dive into conservation’ by training them to undertake marine habitat and species surveys around the UK.

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(All photographs are the copyright of Liz Morris.)